Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

Almost every criminal offense has a potential to disturb an accused person’s life in one way or another. A conviction for either a misdemeanor or felony can result in consequences such as jail time, fines and probation. Along with those detrimental consequences, a convicted person will have a criminal record that can ruin his or her chances of obtaining gainful employment or a desired home. Finding a reliable criminal lawyer is paramount to sparing an accused party’s livelihood. The following are some ways that such an attorney can help:

Due Process and Legal Mistakes
Police officers do not always conduct their jobs according to legal protocol. Sometimes, they can forget to notify an accused party of his or her rights. An attorney can try to look for mistakes in the due process procedures, lack of evidence, and other information that can encourage the prosecuting party to drop the case. A defendant is entitled to legal representation the moment the police present that person with a citation. They must notify the defendant of such a right, or an attorney can have the case dismissed. 

Effective Defense Strategies
An experienced attorney can develop effective defense strategies whether a person has received a citation for drug charges, theft, assault, battery, harassment, hit and run, DUI or other crimes. An attorney could prove that the defendant did not have malicious intent in a certain situation. The attorney could show that someone else was in possession of an illegal drug. This person can also work to prove that a driver charged with DUI was not behind the wheel of a vehicle. Toronto criminal law attorneys have years of practice defending people in a wide variety of situations. It is never advisable for a person to go in front of a judge alone for a criminal charge of any kind. 

Alternative Sentence Negotiations
Sometimes, the odds may be stacked against a defendant, and the judge may order a conviction. However, a reliable attorney can help to negotiate a reasonable alternative sentencing plan that can keep the convicted person out of jail. For example, probation and community service may be options for a first time offender. Lawyers can use their influence to persuade judges to give a convicted person the opportunity to redeem himself or herself. Anyone who receives a citation for a criminal offense must act quickly to receive the best care and protection.